About us

Antiques company ANTIK-MODERN was also started in 1989, the year that brought the regime change, as a family business. With a teaching degree in pocket, managing director Judit Tar has always been attracted to the arts and antiques. In 2005, interior design and architecture was added to the original company profile with a key focus on antiquities trade and associated services. Today, ANTIK-MODERN has an extremely wide scope of business, including art valuation and consultancy, representation of clients at auctions, transportation of works of art (paintings, furniture, silverware and china) both in Hungary and abroad, and the procurement of all necessary permits of museums as well as cultural and other specialized authorities for export. The company has excellent capabilities to arrange for special export packaging, customs clearance procedures, forwarding and insurance, both in the field of export and import.

ANTIK-MODERN’s other main activity group involves searching for, restoring and selling Art Deco and Art Nouveau furniture, objects and home accessories.

Thanks to expert restoration, special and unique Art Deco and Art Nouveau objects regain former glory. Since supply sources are running out of old objects and furniture, ANTIK-MODERN undertakes to re-manufacture them, using materials and in colors as requested by customers, in order to ensure that the most beautiful and most interesting Art Deco and Art Nouveau objects will not go/fall into oblivion.